We make technology products that work when people need them the most.

OnPoint Systems brings the unwavering innovation and expertise demanded by the defense industry to the consumer marketplace.

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Established in 2015 by the founders of Insight Technology, OnPoint Systems is fueled by decades of experience developing high-quality electronic devices for military and law enforcement professionals. We strive to bring this legacy of knowledge, experience, and passion to the consumer electronics market.

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SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence System | SpotOnCollar.com


The founders of OnPoint Systems previously worked together in key ownership, customer advocacy, and technical roles at Insight Technology where they developed and produced the world’s most advanced night vision and electro-optical systems for the US military. 

These systems needed to work as advertised, every time, in the most extreme battlefield conditions. It is with this commitment to no-nonsense performance that we now bring the consumer marketplace our newest product, the SpotOn Virtual Fence System—a dog containment and tracking device that sets a new paradigm for the pet industry. 


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